Bringing virtual services to the forefront of reality

Matrix Offices is not your normal ever day kind of workspace. We took great care in creating an amazing work environment for all types of individuals and companies. If you need a place that can help you take your productivity to the next level come visit our shared workspace. You will get to meet and interact with some of the brightest and best minds. We love all kinds of entrepreneurs and creative folks. Our space is not your typical cold square office building. We are inside a historic building on the border of the Financial, North Beach, Water Front and China Town districts. With large natural light windows on 3 sides of the building and large window panel rooftops you will get your daily Vitamin D without having to leave your work desk. Chose one of our plans and come join the fun!

Matrix Mailbox is a virtual mailbox service. We take your normal PO Box services and add more value while charging you less. You get a real street address which you can use in all legal corporate formation requirements and you then get a staff of people to help you manage your incoming mail…All of this is offered while you sit at your desk, or from your phone or home office from anywhere in the world. Once you get your mail scanned to you, you will never want to handle mail any other way. Choose a plan that best fits your mail volume and let Matrix Mailbox virtual services make your reality better.

“Your life just got easier!”